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Homework Hotline - Grade 8

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English l Social Studies l Science l Math l Foreign Language


Teacher/Subject Updated June 6,  2018
Mrs. Kenyon
8th Grade Finals Schedule

Eng 8 Honors
6/5: English Final part 1 on Wednesday. Part 2 on Thursday, bring your handwritten essay or outline to class with you on Thursday.

Independent Reading
Course Description
Rules and Expectations

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Ms. Vincent
English 8
Summer reading packets were handed out today. Email Ms. Vincent with any questions!



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Social Studies            
Mr. Russell
Social St 8

6/4:  final exam is June 6-7. Please bring back any textbooks.
Final Exam Review Packet

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Mrs. Robinson
Science 8
5/30: Final projects due in class tomorrow, May 31st.
All Quizziz assignments are due Friday, June 1st.
All makeup assignments are due Wed, June 6th for end of quarter grades. NO MAKE UPS AFTER THIS DAY!

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Ms. Wilson
Spec. Ed.

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Mrs. Wissenbach
Math 8
6/6: tomorrow part 1 of final exam
6/5: Review sheet #2 and graded hw #19/20 due on Wed
6/4:Review sheet 1 due tomorrow; yellow graded hw #19/20 due Wed
6/1: per 1 and per 3- review sheet #1 due on Tues and graded hw #19/#20 due for a test grade on Wed
5/30: no new hw; study for radical test for tomorrow all back work closes on Friday June 1st. Need hw #18 by Friday at the latest
5/29: Today we had a field test due tomorrow is the graded hw #18-purple sheet
5/22: scratch off graded hw that is for math 8; same radical packet for both classes
5/21: same assignment due tues page 5 in radical packet the circled ones
hw #17 due on Thurs May 24th
5/16: study for rational/irrational # test on Thurs; get in graded hw#16 if you didn't turn it in today
5/14: Book 2 pg 715-717 1,2,4-6,8,9,12-20 even, 21
5/11: Graded Hw #16- due Wed May 16th
5/10: pg 687-690 1-6,8-14even,20,23-25,29,34-40e; quiz tomorrow on rational and irrational numbers
rational /irrational packet all but 7a,8,125/8: pg 675-678 2-12e, 17, 19, 26, 27, 30, 31,33-37
4/26: transformation packet up to pair of angles
4/25: systems packet pg 2 both graphs, pg3-4 1-6 multiple choice and the next page 1-4
4/23: review packet equations pg 1 1-8; pg 2 11-14 and last page 11,12
4/18: due for monday book 2 pg 545-548 1-4,8,14,16; graded hw #14 and journal #17; test on Friday on 2D, 3D and stats
4/17: graded hw #14 due Friday; due on Wed pg 533-536 2,3,6,7,11-13
4/13: No hw- get graded hw done last day I will accept it is on Monday
4/12: book 2 pg 523-526 1-3,5-7,10,11,13,14
4/11: graded hw #13 due on Tomorrow
4/10: graded hw #13 due thurs April 12th
4/9: Quiz tomorrow on Area and volume; graded hw #13 due on Thurs April 12th
3/29: No HW
3/28: pg 611-612 2,4-6,8-13,15 -book 2
3/26: notebook test tomorrow on Quarter 3 notes; due on Wed Book 2 pg 603-606 2-6 all 8-14 even, 24,28 ,31,34
3/23: pg 595-598 1,2-6e,7,9,10-16e,18,19
3/22: packet on area and 3 d shapes
3/20: no new hw; bring book 2 tomorrow
3/16: Checkpt quiz 1 and 2 and on the back all problems up to #24

To access math book and tutorials register at:
You can register with redemption code:  RNS9-NLR1-VXZQ

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Ms. Wasserzug
Int Alg 8
6/1: Regents Qs: 1 - 12 (not 10), 26, and 28
5/30: Front of HW 11.8. Quiz on Friday.
5/29: HW 11.7. Test Corrections due Friday & Quiz Friday
5/22: HW 11.4
5/21: HW 11.3
5/14: Study for Unit 10 Test tomorrow
5/10: HW 10.6, Regents Prep 2 due tomorrow.
5/9: 10.5 and Regents Prep 2 due Friday
5/8: HW 10.4
5/2:  HW 10.1
4/26: Review Packet Qs
4/23: HW 9.7
4/20: HW 9.7
4/16: HW 9.4
4/10: HW 9.2
4/9: HW 9.1
3/27: HW 8.7
3/19: HW 8.3
3/15: HW 8.1
3/12: Unit Test 7 tomorrow

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Foreign Language       
Ms. Peterson

Spanish 8
5/29: Complete Task 32 for Tuesday, 6/5. In case you forgot the task:
In Spanish, write a report for your Spanish class about your favorite book or about a book you are reading. You may wish to include:
- title and author of the book
- what the book is about
- length of the book
- something that happens in the book
- descriptions of the characters
- why you like or do NOT like the book
- your recommendation to read or NOT read the book
Finish last HW Bingo for Wednesday, 6/6

Quarter 4 HW Bingo


8th Grade Vocabulary Packet

Vocabulary Choice HW List

"Quizlet Flashcards"

"Vocabulary HW Choice List"

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Specials 8
Tech. 8

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