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Homework Hotline - Grade 8

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English l Social Studies l Science l Math l Foreign Language


Teacher/Subject Updated June 8, 2017
Mrs. Kenyon

WHO:  For all 8th gr students in good academic/behavioral standing* 


WHEN:  Monday, June 12, 2017  12.00 2:35

WHERE:  SCS Pavilion

COST:  $5.00 ea to cover the cost of the hotdogs, hamburgers and drinks.

BRING:  Each student could bring a dessert OR chips. The teachers will provide salads and fun activities

Permission slips due Monday June 5 to Mrs. Robinson

Science Fun Day

Mr. Clayton / English 8H
Final Exam Thurs and Fri


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Mrs.Krohn/Eng 8
June 9th- Final part 2 essay- Please prepare ahead of time!!!
Independent Reading essay due June 8th, project due June 9th.
Please make sure all books are returned.

Independent Reading
Course Description
Rules and Expectations

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Ms. Vincent/Eng 8
Final exam tomorrow!

WOW words

Parent info

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Social Studies            
Mr. Russell
Social St 8

5/30: study for final; Day 1 of final is June 2
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Mrs. Robinson
Science 8
6/6: Students who did not turn in their RGM posters should be finish it and turn in tomorrow
6/1: NYS ILS WRITTEN TESTS on Mon 6/5.
Finish posters for Rube Goldberg machines due Tues 6/6

5/31: Finish Rube Goldberg machines and posters this week. They are due Tuesday 6/6.

5/30: Final end of year projects (Rube Goldberg Machines) should be wrapping up this week!  Continue working on RGMs this week in tech. Students are working on their posters in class today and tomorrow. Their final products are due on Tuesday 5/6 for presentation and last grade of the quarter.
 Study for NYS ILS Written Test scheduled for next Monday 5/5. Students were given study guides two weeks ago, and can refer to their old state review HW packets.
Bring only a No.2 pencil and library book to testing site on Monday.
5/26: 1.Study for NYS Intermediate Level Science State Written Tests scheduled for Monday June 5th
-Use study guides and videos posted on Google Classroom.
2. Final end of year projects - Rube Goldberg Machines and Posters due Tuesday June 6th

5/22: *NYS Intermediate Level Science Performance Test is this Thursday, May 25, 2017.*
Bring a no.2 pencil to test room.
Students are working on their prep review packet Monday through Wednesday:
1. Monday's HW: Finish the 2 line graphs, rounding, and measurement pages.
2. Tuesday's HW: Finish and review the dichotomous key and microscopic measurement pages.
3. Wednesday's HW: Finish and review the density pages.

Parent letter / Survey

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Ms. Wilson
Spec. Ed.

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Mrs. Wissenbach
Math 8
6/8:period 3 part 2 of final is on Friday
6/7: final exams on Thurs
6/6: per 3- review sheet #2 due on Wed.  Start review sheet #3 if you can.
Per7- Math 8- Part one of final is on Wed
6/5: Review sheet #2 due for Tues.
5/31:wksht 9-3 all but 9,10,15,16 - quest on radicals on Thurs
5/30: simplifying radicals maze and pg 128 mult/dividing radicals
5/26: Riddle 204 due for Tuesday!  Have a nice long weekend!
5/25: Simplifying radical packet- 2nd page written exercises 3-10,18,19,23-26,27a,b and pg 286 in packet written exer. 1,4,9,29-32
5/23: pg 505-506 7-13,19,20,23-26,33-35
5/22: txt book pg 715-718 1,2,4-6,8,9,12-20 even, 21
5/17: Quiz tomorrow on number systems/pythagorean theorem also due is riddle 203
5/16: Hw in textbook pg 707-710 1-4,6,9-11,14,19,22
5/15: Jpythagorean theorem packet
5/11:no hw reviewed for tomorrow's test scatter plots and volume 3D
5/10: pg 687-690 in textbook 1-6 ,8-12even ,20,23-25,34-36,38-40
5/8: reteach 4-2 1,3,5,7,11,12,14,16-18
Also Enrichment 4-3
5/5: pg 665-668 1,2-10even, 19 ,28-31, 34,35,37,38,40; also on a piece of paper to hand in           pg 666,11-15
5/3: 2 graphs if you have not already turned it in
5/2:Packet on graphing linear equations due on Wed for per 3 and Tues for per 7
4/25: Journal wksht #17
4/11: pg 533-536 2,3,6,7,11-13
4/10: pg 523-526 1-3,7,10,11,13; hand in #9 on graph paper
4/7: pg 495-498 2,3,6,11,12 and pg 503-506 2,5,9,13,14
4/6: no new hw get in back work tomorrow is last day to turn in take home quiz
4/5: study for 2D/3D- geometry quiz on Thurs.  Get take home quiz in if you haven't turned it in yet
4/4: finish work sheet 12-9 and riddle D-45
4/3: take home quiz due Tues.  Show work on each 588 1-9,pg 598 24-27 and pg 606 33-35; also due for hw on Tues pg 611-614 2,4-6,8-12even, 13,26

Class Policy

To access math book and tutorials register at:
You can register with redemption code:  RNS9-NLR1-VXZQ

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Ms. Cronin
Int Alg 8

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Foreign Language       
Ms. Peterson
Spanish 8

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Specials 8
Mrs. Gould / Music Info
Tech. 8

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