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Homework Hotline - Grade 7

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Teacher/Subject Updated April 23, 2018
Mrs. Kenyon
English 7          
Mrs. Krohn
English 7
4/23: Drums, Girls and Dangerous Pie- Completed through “Fever” pgs 37-113 by 4/27
Chains-Completed through Chapter XVl (16) pgs 36-104 by 4/27
Stormbreaker- Completed through "Toys Aren't Us" pgs 32-71 by 4/27
Harris and Me- Completed through Chapter 6 pgs 36-70 by 4/27

The Giver Writing Choices

Course Description
Rules and Expections

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Ms. Heintz
Spec. Education
4/10: ELA exams Wednesday and Thursday. Get plenty of rest and have a good breakfast!
Bring a book to read for when you have completed the test. A good way to start your independent reading for 4th quarter!!

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Social Studies                    
Mr. Russell
Social Studies 7
4/23: War of 1812 worksheet due on Friday


Course Info

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Mrs. Rogers
Science 7

No homework tonight
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Mrs. Davis
Math 7
Complete Station 9-10 before Wednesday
Review Book #4 due May 4th

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Mrs. Wissenbach
Math 7 Accelerated*
4/23: Due Wed state release questions 2017- whole packet
4/18: no hw tonight; hw due on monday textbook pg 497-500 1-10,14,21,23,24,26,27; pg 506-508 4-8 even, 18,20,21,25-27; pg 516-518 8-10, 14-18 even, 32,34,41,42; Quiz on Friday on area,perimeter, angles and triangles
4/17: wksht pg 162 1-10; riddle on Angles on the 3rd sht 10-30 even
4/13: Area and circumference sht do for a quiz grade on Tues. April 17th
4/12: due Fri April 13th- pg 562 30-33; pg 565- 567 8.10,24-26,34,35,41-43
4/11: test tomorrow on Stats/Probability
4/10: Test on Thurs on Stats/Probability; due Fri April 13th- pg 562 30-33; pg 565- 567 8.10,24-26,34,35,41-43
4/9: pg 490-492 1,5,11,16,17,18-28 even
3/29: no hw
3/28: pg 484-486 1-11,17,19,23,24
3/26: notebook test tomorrow on Quarter 3 notes; due on Wed work sheet on probability both sides and pg 479; 5 and 6
3/22: pg 472-474 12-17,18-32 even,37,45,46
3/21: take home quiz due on Thursday and pg 464- 465 1-5,7,11,12
3/20: Take home quiz due Thurs and due for wed pg 449 1,3,7,12,15,17

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Foreign Language                 
Ms. Kelly

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Ms. Schaefer

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Mrs. Styles

Mr. Messner

Mrs. Mattice
Family & Consumer Science
4/11: $7.00 for the sewing kit for the pillow is due

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