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Homework Hotline - Grade 7

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Teacher/Subject Updated February 17, 2017
Mrs. Kenyon/Guidance

Science Fun Day
English 7          
Mrs. Krohn
English 7
2/17: Independent Reading  due March 23rd
The Giver- Read chapters 12-13 and complete song assignment.
Due Wednesday- outline fro persuasive essay.
Due Friday- The Giver- chapters 10 & 11- read and answer Discussion Questions.
Research Paper- Notes from all four of your sources

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Ms. Cameron
Spec. Education
12/19: Students should be reading their independent reading books and starting the project if finished.

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Social Studies                    
Mr. Russell
Social Studies 7
2/10:  Revolutionary War exam on Monday-Tuesday

Course Info

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Mrs. Rogers Science 7

Bring in your Boston Money...Due March 1
No homework tonight! 

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Mrs. Davis /Math 7
2/8: **Propaganda Poster due Monday
1. Quiz on Persuasion Tomorrow
 2. Propaganda Poster due Friday
2/2: Have a topic for our debate starting tomorrow.
1/30- Lesson 1 : Make Predictions  page 153 (worksheet)
1/31- Unbiased and Biased Samples page 156 (worksheet)
1/17: Lesson 7 (discount)- Due Wednesday
1/13 Lesson 8: Financial Literacy
1/12 Lesson 6: Tax, Tip, Mark Up
1/10: Lesson 3; Quiz Tomorrow
1/9: Lesson 1: Odds only
1/5: Bring Textbook #1 home...and save it for June Final Exam Review
1/3 lesson 6 due Wednesday (front side)
1/4 lesson 8 due Thursday (back side)
12/19: Work on Solving Equations packet..."due" Wednesday.
Students may use this packet on their Exam Wednesday.
12/15: Multi-step Algebra 2 Worksheet due Monday
Bring book for SSR tomorrow
12/14: Finish Writing/Solving Equations (both sides)
12/12: Finish One-Step Equations Worksheet
12/9: Page 331#20-34
12/8: Finish Pg. 319 #16-26
12/7: Page 309#1-11
12/6: Distributive Worksheet (Front Only) .... 6(1-5m) side Quiz tomorrow on Properties


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Mrs. Wissenbach /Math 7 Accelerated*
2/15: quiz on graphing tomorrow also pg 414 9,10-22even,30,43,44,47
2/10: 1-6,9,14,16-18,20-23
2/7: same assignment as yesterday; didn't have class today because of assembly
2/6: due wed. pg 399-402 2-6,8-22e,33-36; Prac 12-3 5-9all
2/3: wksht 3-2/reteach3-2
2/2: pg 394-395 27-34; 43-45
2/1: pg 387-388 1-17,18-26e  pg 393 1-16,18-20
1/30: test ch 8 on Tues.  Function riddle due Wed
1/27: Chapter 8 test on Tuesday; due Monday pg 377-378 18,20,28-36even,37,39,42,52
1/23: pg 364-365 1-12,14,19,21,25-33odd; pg 370-371 2-12e
1/17: pg 358-360 8 -20 even, 32-36 even
1/13: equation packet 14 questions due Tues. pg 1,2,4,5
1/11: notebook test tomorrow; due Friday pg 349 16-26even; pg 341-343 7-10,12,14,15,22,30-40 even, 44,46
1/10: Equation work sheet- all evens and 5,9,13-17 odd
1/9: pg 327-329 12-22e,27,30,31,34,36,39,56-64e and pg 335 14-20e,23,26
1/5: Test tomorrow on Ch 7 study
1/4: Factoring packet; do the circled ones
1/3: pg 312-313 2-10e,14,18,20 and pg 318-319 2-16e,20,22-38eoe

To access math book and tutorials register at:
You can register with redemption code:  954E-T7ZS-ZFTM-W3EX

 try this code for the textbook-


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Foreign Language                 
Ms. Peterson
Study class activity vocabulary
Finish Three Column Study and Picture Dictionary for late credit

Quizlet Flashcards



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Other Classes
Ms. Schaefer/Art  

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Mrs. Gould / Music Info
Mrs. Gillis / Health
Complete journal entry # 16- Diligence acrostic poem
 Complete "The Climb" music journal entry

Mrs. Mattice
Family & Consumer Science
Hand in any back work - If you owe work you will not be able to work in the kitchen after break

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