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Code of Conduct for Athletes

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Statement of Philosophy

It is the intent of the Schoharie Central School District to provide a
well-rounded, educational experience for its students. Interscholastic
athletics are a major part of the educational process. The combination
of academics and athletics enhances the quality of our students’ daily
lives. However, the District’s primary focus will always remain academics.

Opening Statement

Students who are representing the Schoharie Central School District
in interscholastic athletics should realize that they have an obligation to
themselves, their teammates, and the school community to strive for

It is hoped that participation in our interscholastic athletic program will enable these students to value their learning experience, to develop self-control, to exercise mature behavior and judgment, and establish a sense of pride in themselves, their school, and their community.

Participation in our interscholastic athletic program demands a commitment that definitely involves sacrifice and dedication. Respect for one’s health and physical development must be an integral part of daily living.

The following rules are set forth to help all participants properly condition
themselves mentally and physically in order to perform well in the
classroom and in athletics.

The Code of Conduct is in effect during the athletic season in which the athlete is participating. The season is defined as beginning with the first day of practice set by Section 2 and the Western Athletic Conference and ending with the last contest in that sport which includes post-season play.

An athlete and his/her parent/guardian will sign the Code of Conduct at the beginning of the athlete’s sports season. If the athlete signed an athletic code in a previous season, but failed to sign one for the current season, the code is still in effect. An administrative oversight does not void the code. It is assumed that the athlete understands and agrees to the terms of the code even though the athlete did not sign a new one.

Athletic / Academic Eligibility

A) Player/Parent Night
All athletes are required to attend a mandatory Player/Parent meeting that is held prior to the team’s fi rst contest. Any athlete, who along with their parent/guardian that is not in attendance, will be ineligible for games and scrimmages. Sign-ins will be taken at the meeting. Emergency meetings will be at the discretion of the Athletic Director.

B) Academic Achievement is the primary focus of the Schoharie Central School District. Athletes are not only expected to maintain, but will be encouraged to improve academic performance during any sports season.

After the first five weeks of school, the high school office issues the Academic Probation/Ineligibility list.

All in-season athletes who have two or more failures and/or incompletes will be
athletically ineligible (prohibited from competing in games or scrimmages). The ineligibility will begin one week starting on the first Monday after the infraction.

Athletes who are ineligible will be required to take a copy of their schedule to each of their teachers for them to sign indicating their current status (passing or failing). This sheet must be turned in to the ISS room by the end of the day each Friday. This process is to be followed for the entire five weeks.

The Teacher, Coach, and Athletic Director must confirm that the student-athlete has only one failing grade before the athlete can return to competition. Athletes are permitted to practice with their teams during this time but cannot compete in contests.

An athlete with one failure is eligible to participate in games and scrimmages, however, if the athlete fails to complete their requirements, then they will become ineligible. Probation requirements are the same as ineligible requirements. Additional administrative disciplinary action may cause ineligibility.


Student athletes must be in school by 8:20 a.m. unless they have an official written excuse.

Use of Alcohol / Drugs / Tobacco Products

Respect for one’s health and physical development must be an integral part of daily living. Health research clearly indicates the harmful effects of using alcohol, drugs, and tobacco products.

It is the intention of the Schoharie Central School District to offer athletes the opportunity to make responsible, well-informed choices based on honesty and integrity as well as to offer help to those students who exhibit a substance abuse problem.

A) First Offense – Suspension from competing in games for 25% of the scheduled
games. (The schedule given by the Western Athletic Conference and the athletic office will be used to determine the number of games) Suspension will take effect with the first game after the offense and will include non-league games. Athletes are expected to practice with their team during this time but cannot compete
in contests.

Any identifiable cyber image, photo, or video that implicates a student athlete to have been in possession or presence of drugs/ alcohol/tobacco, or portrays actual use, or out-of-character behavior or crime, shall be confirmation of a violation of the Code.

If no determination can be established for time frame or location of such action, the Code will still be enforced. A coach’s decision to enforce stricter rules will be honored.

Athletes who are honest and admit their involvement when first questioned will have a reduction in the penalty to 12.5% (minimum penalty for first offense is one game). For determining number of games, if 25% or 12.5% does not figure out to a whole number, i.e., 1, 2, 4, etc., then the number of games will be determined by the following method:

Up to and including .5 will be rounded down (i.e., 1.4 will be a one game suspension); .51 and up will be rounded up (i.e., 1.6 will be a two game suspension).

Furthermore, the Athletic Director reserves the right to push to the next tier if athlete is dishonest or maintains a negative attitude. If an athlete is a captain, they will lose that position for the remainder of the season.

A meeting with the school’s counselor and an outside substance abuse counselor,
agreed upon by parent and school, is mandatory.

A meeting between the Principal, Athletic Director, parent and athlete before returning to competition is mandatory. In addition, student will be required to re-sign the code in the presence of the team.

B) Second Offense - Suspension from competition in games for 50% of scheduled
games. (See first offense for determining number of games and what constitutes a
game) Athletes are expected to practice with the team during this time but cannot
compete in games.

Athletes who are honest and admit their involvement when first questioned will have a reduction in the penalty to 25%. Also, athletes and/or parents volunteering information about themselves or a family member will have the penalty reduced to 25%.

If an athlete is a captain, they will lose that position for the remainder of the
season. Athletes will not be eligible for any school sport award at the end of the
season. This includes school letter, WAC All-Star recognition in that sport, and any
Booster Club sponsored awards.

A formal substance abuse evaluation by the school’s counselor or equivalent,
agreed to by parent and school, and a follow-up to evaluation as recommended by the initial evaluation is mandatory.

Mandatory meeting between the Principal, Athletic Director, parent, and athlete
before returning is mandatory. In addition, student will be required to re-sign the
code in the presence of the team.

C) Third Offense – Suspension from participation (practice and competition) for 12
months from the date of the offense.

For reinstatement to occur, the athlete must become a participant in a chemical
dependency program, treatment program, and/or education/instruction program –
whichever is deemed necessary.

A mandatory meeting between the Principal, Athletic Director, parent, substance
abuse counselor, and coach before returning to participation is mandatory. In
addition, student will be required to re-sign the code in the presence of the team.

  • These offenses are for the athlete’s entire athletic career starting with
    their first involvement at the high school level.

  • If a penalty cannot be fulfilled because of an occurrence late in the season
    or due to the fact that the athlete does not complete the season, it will be carried over the next sports season in which the athlete competes.

The number of games suspended in the new sports season will be based upon the percent served in the original offense season subtracted from the total percent to be served.

When questioning athletes regarding code violations, whenever possible, a third party will be present. This third party will be an administrator or teaching staff member.


Athletes are expected to conduct themselves at all times in a manner that refl ects
positively on their team, school and themselves. Violations under this section will be reviewed, and a discipline committee consisting of the Superintendent of Schools, Building Principal, Athletic Director, and one coach will make determinations.

If a student has in-school suspension (ISS), then they are ineligible for that day. They may attend a practice or contest if the coach requests it. If a student is out-of-school suspended (OSS), then they are ineligible and may not attend a practice or contest during the term of the suspension.

Team Rules

Team rules reviewed and approved by the Athletic Director will be given to the athletes by their coaches.

Equipment and Uniforms

Equipment and uniforms issued to each athlete must be properly cared for and not
abused. It is the responsibility of the athlete to return all equipment and uniforms in good condition to their coach at the end of the season. The athlete must pay for all items not returned in good condition. The athlete will be on the Ineligibility List until this matter is resolved.

Hazing / Initiation

Hazing or initiation by athletes is prohibited by the Schoharie Central School District. Violation of this section will result in suspension and/or removal from the team.

Medical Exam

The school’s physician will administer athletic physical exams yearly. The physical exam is required before an athlete will be allowed to participate. The school physician has the absolute authority to determine the capability of the athlete to participate in a particular sport.

The athlete must fill out the Health History form and return it to the school nurse before participating in any practices.

Schoharie Central School Concussion Protocol

A concussion is defined as a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a blow to the body that causes the head to move
rapidly back and forth.

If a concussion is suspected proceed with the following steps:

  • Remove child from event.

  • Refer to Concussion Danger Signs information sheet for immediate medical evaluation.

  • Evaluate child using Concussion Checklist provided.

  • Inform parent or guardian.

  • Refer for medical evaluation if indicated in accordance with the Concussion Checklist.

  • Continue to monitor child until child is under parental or medical supervision.

  • Notify school nurse – File incident report.

Return to Play Guidelines

After a concussion has been diagnosed, proceed with the following steps:

  • Documented medical clearance is required by a medical doctor before the child may return to physical education
    and/or sports.

  • The child should not return to physical education and/or sports until the child is totally asymptomatic (including after exercise).

  • The child must complete the Return to Play Protocol below before he/she may return to physical education or sports and the protocol must be completed with the coach and nurse monitoring progress.

Graduated Return to Play Protocol

Rehabilitation stage: 1. No activity      

Functional exercise at this stage: Complete physical and cognitive rest.

Objective of stage:  Recovery


Rehabilitation stage:  2. Light aerobic exercise     

Functional exercise at this stage:  Walking or stationary cycling keeping intensity <70 percent MPHR; no resistance training.

Objective of stage:  Increase HR


Rehabilitation stage:  3. Sport-specific exercise   

Functional exercise at this stage: Running drills in soccer, volleyball, basketball, and cross country; no head impact activities.

Objective of stage:  Add movement


Rehabilitation stage:  4. Non-contract training drills  

Functional exercise at this stage: Progression to more complex training drills, eg; passing drills in soccer and basketball; may start progressive resistance training.

Objective of stage: Exercise, coordination, and cognitive load


Rehabilitation stage: 5. Full contact practice   

Functional exercise at this stage:  Following medical clearance, participate in normal training activities.  

Objective of stage: Restore confidence and assess functional skills by coaching staff


Rehabilitation stage:  6. Return to play 

Functional exercise at this stage: Normal game play 


Six day return to play protocol. Each day the athlete makes a stepwise increase in functional activity, is evaluated for symptoms, and is allowed to progress to the next stage each successive day if asymptomatic.

Insurance and Accidents

Interscholastic athletics involve the risk of injury to the participants. In case of an injury, coaches and qualified school personnel are authorized to provide first-aid and arrange for emergency treatment they deem necessary. Schoharie Central School District carries a secondary insurance policy for injuries.

The parent’s insurance will be billed first. The school’s insurance may not completely pay all bills. The parent will be responsible for bills not paid by insurance. It is the responsibility of the athletes to report all injuries to their
coach immediately. The coach will then complete appropriate accident
reports and file the report with the school nurse.

Transportation of Athletes to Away Contest

The Athletic Director will arrange all transportation. All athletes are expected to ride to and from away games with the teams. A coach will accompany the team on all trips and have a complete travel list.

An athlete with a written request signed by their parent may travel from an away contest with a parent. The School Principal or Athletic Director must sign this request before given to the coach.

Athletes are expected to follow all bus rules. Any violations will result in disciplinary actions. Parents are expected to pick up their children after practice, scrimmage
or games in a timely manner.


In order to promote the fundamentals of good sportsmanship, student-athletes,
coaches, and parents will respect each other and the opposing school at all times, including off campus and all internet communications. Spectators and/or parents will not interfere with play during practices, scrimmages, or games. Violations of good sportsmanship will result in the issuing of a yellow(warning) card or a red (vacate) card.

Team Parent/Guardian

Each team is required to have at least one parent/guardian who will serve as a liaison to the All-Sports Booster Club.


The penalties set forth in this Athletic Code of Conduct are in addition to any penalties that may be imposed by the School’s Code of Conduct.


Thank you very much for your support of Schoharie Central Athletics


Updated July 2012; posted to web 8/15/2012




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